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✅ GoHighLevel Tutorial ✅ How To Add a Guided Tour to Your SaaS Product

by Digital Advertising Boost
✅ GoHighLevel Tutorial ✅ How To Add a Guided Tour to Your SaaS Product


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In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I show you how to create a simple “Guided Tour” for your SaaS product using an awesome tool called Usetiful. Adding a guided tour can be an excellent way to help onboard your new clients and customers, not to mention it creates a very engaging and unique customer experience as well.
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:00 My SaaS product Guided Tour breakdown
1:56 Setting up Usetiful
7:05 How to use Usetiful to create your Guided Tour
11:50 Conclusion and recap
To be clear, you absolutely create and add a guided tour to just about anything, not just a GoHighLevel SaaS product.

It can be done for an online course, specific pages on your website, you name it.

But I’m using guided tours for my SaaS products right now so that’s what I show in the video.

Fortunately, Usetiful makes it very easy to create a guided tour for just about anything you can think of.

I was able to get my own guided tour up and running in about 30 minutes once I got used to the software.

The Usetiful Chrome Extension helps a lot as well because it makes selecting the element you want to add to your tour much easier, as you’ll see in the video.

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In my opinion, adding a guided tour is a very simple way to significantly increase the customer experience your clients get with your SaaS product.

You can essentially set it up to walk your new clients through your entire SaaS product, explaining how every feature works.

Not only does this create a great customer experience, but it also decreases churn and cancellations because the faster your clients learn how to use your SaaS product, course, etc., the faster they will get results and the more likely they will continue to use your product.

So I highly recommend getting the lifetime deal for Usetiful using the link above so you can create as many guided tours, smart tips, and checklists as you want.

Hope this helps!

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