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✅Increase your Instagram engagement using Social Boost

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✅Increase your Instagram engagement using Social Boost

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📢If your content is not viral, growing an audience is not an easy task to perform. Sometimes, you need a little boost to scale your Instagram Strategy. Social Boost is your perfect ally to skyrocket your engagement.
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SocialBoost is a website live chat solution that allows businesses to install a bespoke chat widget. Agents can be notified of customer-initiated discussions via SMS and email so they don’t miss any communications. In addition, when no employees are available, SocialBoost’s chatbot can address consumer questions via a contact form.
Besides, customers can rate the service and receive an email transcript of the conversation. SocialBoost supports document sharing, emoticons, message flagging, quoting, editing, group discussions, blacklisting, IP blocking, visitor activity tracking, and more.

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