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#1 #ServiceNow #Incident Management | A Complete Tutorial for Admins and IT Users

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#1 #ServiceNow #Incident Management | A Complete Tutorial for Admins and IT Users


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This video introduces you to the complete understanding of Incident Application in ServiceNow and working on Incident application as an Admin and ITIL User.

ITIL users will learn how incident management process works in ServiceNow and how to do reporting in ServiceNow on different fields on Incident.

Admins will learn how to configure and administer Incident application.

This video will cover:
– Who should do this training 00:53
– What is Out of the box 01:23
– What is an Incident 01:55
– What is incident Management 02:46
– How Incident is reported 03:55
– Incident Process 04:49:11
– How to manage incidents 05:26
– Incident Application in ServiceNow 06:09
– Who can access Incident Application 07:26
– Incident Modules 08:04
– Incident Form 13:55
– Incident Form Menu 25:25
– Incident List 29:43
– Incident States 35:19
– Priority 39:21
– Incident Classification 42:29
– Working on incident 52:14
– Incident Resolution Workflow 1:07:20

Who should watch this tutorial:
 If you want to learn Incident application in ServiceNow
 If you work on incidents in ServiceNow
 If you are new to ITIL and ServiceNow
 If you work as IT agent in ServiceNow
 If you want to do reporting in ServiceNow
 If you want to configure Incident application as an administrator with ITIL and ServiceNow best practices

You will learn about following:

-What is an incident?
-What is Incident Management?
-How incident is reported?
-Overview of Incident application
-Overview of Incident Form
-Overview of Incident Related list
-Overview of Incident Form and Context Menu
-Incident States
-Incident Priority
-Incident Process Flow
-Incident Classification
-How to create Incident as an IT Agent?
-Working on Incident

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