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2020.1: a new version to boost e-commerce

by Digital Advertising Boost
2020.1: a new version to boost e-commerce

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Every new version of WebSite X5 we release is exciting: after working on an important project for many months, it feels great to publish it and start seeing people use and appreciate it.
This release, the first new version in 2020, is special though, because we’re living through special times. The pandemic dealt a major blow to our society, and we’re still looking for a way to respond and regain our freedoms.
For us, that means finishing the development of 2020.1 while working from home, and introducing lots of new features to boost e-commerce: they’ll be more useful than ever now. Since we still can’t go out, online sales will keep growing. That’s why delivering even more powerful e-commerce tools seems like the best way to help businesses get back on their feet and set them on new paths for a successful future.

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