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3 MARKETING Tips for HAIR COMPANIES! | Glam Hair Graphics

by Digital Advertising Boost
3 MARKETING Tips for HAIR COMPANIES! | Glam Hair Graphics

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One question that comes up frequently is branding your hair and how to stand out in the saturated hair market? How can you market your hair business to stand out from the “competition”? In this video, I share MY tips.

How many times have you heard people say:
1. “Hair companies are already so saturated”?
2. “Everyone has a hair company”?
3. “If it was worth it for you to start a hair company?”

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▶ For my first series in “Free Game Friday”, I want to tackle these difficult questions by giving you 3 strategies on how your hair company can stand out in a saturated market that I guarantee will work for your hair company. I also show websites that are currently doing some of the strategies I mention in this video.

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Links Mentioned In This Video:
▶ Article on Michel Sproles: and her website:
▶ Magic-Manes.com

▶▶ I’m starting a new series on my channel called “Free Game Friday” where I share business and marketing tips for hair companies. Because I’ve been asked these questions so often by previous clients, I figured I would dedicate a specific day each week to go through some of these questions with my YouTube family. So be sure to check back in to my channel on Friday’s to get all the details on how to brand your hair company the right way.

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Hi there! I create content here on Youtube for Hair companies, creative entrepreneurs and content creators. It’s my hope that my content helps you create your own content (if you choose). My business, Glam Hair Graphics was created to provide digital resources for hair companies. If you want to create beautiful graphics for your hair brand, make sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date. When I’m not designing websites and graphics for hair companies and posting on YouTube, I’m changing the world as a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 6 years and LOVE teaching just as much as I LOVE designing.

Follow my journey on multiple streams of income and learn how to brand your Hair company the right way.

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