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A breakdown of “Email Automation” and how to use it

by Digital Advertising Boost
A breakdown of “Email Automation” and how to use it

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This is a segment of the “Lead Generation” episode of Growth Decoded — a show that helps you grow your business by figuring out the customer experience, one piece at a time.

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This episode investigates “Email Automation” and set out to answer some big questions:

• How do you get started with email automation?
• How do you keep going? How do you decide what to build, improve, or test?
• What are the foundational email automations that businesses need?

You’ll hear from co-founder of Boundless Labs and email marketing expert, Chase Dimond! Chase has sent over 1 billion emails resulting in $75+ million in email attributable revenue.

In this episode you’ll learn:

→Strategies for finding opportunities to build email automations
→How and when you should test your email automations to improve them
→The playbook for incorporating more email automations that actually work into your business

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