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Adox HR-50 Review – “Speed Boost”

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Adox HR-50 Review – “Speed Boost”

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Our Adox HR-50 review combines the community’s comments, recommendations, sample images and feedback to give you an excellent overview of Adox HR50 film’s strengths and weaknesses!

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Adox HR-50 was launched in 2018 and is adapted from a technical emulsion – with the addition of ‘Speed Boost’ technology to make it fit-for-use in still photography.

It has very fine grain, high resolving power, and extended sensitivity (so you can experiment with different colour filters!)

This means that you should get a look that is distinct from other black and white films. We’ve recently had Foma 200, Ilford XP2, Let It Snow, and this will be different again! People talk about it possibly looking like Kodak Technical Pan (a film discontinued 20 years ago and famous for its clarity and sharpness)

A couple of practical points for home developers: the plastic base of the film is super-tough so make sure you’re ready with sharp scissors for getting it out of the canister; and there are some developers that Adox recommend you DON’T use for this film. Full details are on the technical sheet – which you can download from the product page.

It is recommended for cityscapes and travel. If you shoot portraits with it Adox actually recommends using a very specific Adox developer to get the right skin tones: HR-DEV which you can buy from Fotoimpex.

Please note: all images used in the video remain (c) of the artist. For the corresponding specific Adox HR-50 review by the photographer and any further details about their work please head to the product page:

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