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Advertising Boost 2019

Advertising Booster – If you are looking for Advertising Booster, then watch this video to learn everything you need to know about Advertising Booster.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who needs to generate more leads and sales?
Well, then I have a message for you.

For decades large sales and marketing organizations have used travel incentives and promotions to generate billions of dollars in sales, but high upfront costs and ongoing expenses made it impossible for the little guys to use this powerful selling advantage.. until now!

Through our new product called Advertising Booster.

We’ve revolutionized the vacation incentives industry with a subscription-based program that any business can afford.

You can now offer all your prospects and clients a complimentary vacation incentive to explode your leads and sales.

Our vacation incentives range from three night vacations to five night beachfront vacations in places like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta and even seven night vacations in Thailand.

Think it sounds too good to be true?

Well it definitely isn’t!

We’ve already given away over a hundred and twenty thousand trips.

Here’s how we do it; first our hotels and resorts are rarely full,
but they’re always open and still have their fixed costs and always have unused rooms available.

Since we also own the fastest-growing online travel company in the world, with over 200 million dollars in sales they partner with us to help them fill up their otherwise empty rooms.

They end up turning into additional revenue from other parts of their property like their in-house restaurants, the bar, the casino, room service, the spa, or even an extra day stay.

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Advertising Booster we allow you to provide unlimited vacation incentives to your prospects to double or triple your sales.

This will allow you to separate yourself from the competition and drive ad costs down, turning losing advertising campaigns into home run winners!

It will also allow you to generate tons of referrals video testimonials from your clients, which will create a virtual viral effect in your business and you will see much higher customer satisfaction, and more and more repeat business.

Our free vacation incentives work for virtually any type of business to dramatically increase leads and sales.

The greater bank in Australia did over 1 billion dollars in loans by offering a switch to the greater bank and receive a free vacation promotion.

You can use this tool for any business!

Advertising Booster makes it so easy to award free vacations to your prospects and clients.

In less than twenty seconds you just enter in your clients name and email address, and choose the destination you want to award them.

They get an instant email, letting them know they’ve just been awarded of FREE vacation compliments of Your Company, and there’s also a toll-free number for them to call 24 hours per day to redeem their vacation.

For our tech savvy members you can plug our API right into your website or into popular platforms like clickfunnels to completely automate the entire process.

For your customer there are no timeshare presentations to attend, their only obligation is the resort taxes of up to $19.70 per night and they get a vacation valued at between $585.00 to $1500.00, depending on the destination.

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We want to give you a way to dramatic every area of your business when you become a member you’ll have instant access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of pre-built video ads for almost every industry you can imagine.

But if you join and we don’t have a video for your industry we’ll build it for you absolutely free!

When you become a member of Advertising Booster you’re not alone.

You’ll be connected to our incredible private Facebook group to interact and brainstorm with thousands of other successful Advertising Booster members.

Advertising Booster works for just about anybody in any industry from e-commerce, informational products, professional services, retail, network marketing, business to business and much more!

You can either double or triple what you’ve been spending on your ads, for less than a cup of coffee per day you can Double or Triple your Sales Without Increasing your Ad Budget!

There’s no other upfront fees or contracts to sign you can cancel at any time.

So what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose… start increasing your sales today before your competition, beats you to the punch!

Click on the link in the description below. Don’t wait, do it now!
Go to to get the lead on your competition.

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