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Advertising Boost Bonus

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Hi, this is Rich O’Brien and in this video I’m going to teach how to double your conversions by offering bonuses and incentives.

I call this strategy The Bonus Code.

It’s a technique I’ve used to close sales, boost referrals and create goodwill with my customers.

By offering a bonus, you can also generate free traffic by creating videos on Youtube and posting on the social networks.

Here’s a simple technique for creating traffic and sales on Youtube: Use the name of the product/service and the word ‘bonus’ in your title.

For example, I just created a video to promote a new affiliate program called OnPassive using the title ‘OnPassive Bonus.’

In just a few days I’ve received 150 views from people searching for the word OnPassive.

In this particular case, the bonus I offered was a 5 night stay at a resort in Cancun if they joined through me.

I’ll share with you how you can make the same offer in a moment.

Another Bonus Code method is to is to create added value in the form of membership sites that support your products or services.

For example, I promote an affiliate program called SMS Lead Network – which is a bulk texting platform and business opportunity.

The bonus I offer is a video course on text message marketing.

I use Clickfunnels to host the membership site.

When someone is searching for SMS Lead Network on Youtube my bonus video often shows up in the search results.

I also send out text messages to interested prospects letting them I know I have a bonus – which links to the video.

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The objective when creating bonuses for your prospects is to create an irresistible offer.

Think of the late night infomercials that will double your order of Ginzo knives if order right now.

The same thing works on the internet. You’ve got to nudge your prospect into the buy zone by giving them more value than they expect making it stupid to shop anywhere else, join anyone else and most importantly – to take action today.

The Costs
Let’s talk about costs.

I average 100 views a month on the SMS Lead Network Bonus video – which cost me at most $1.00 in texting costs at 1 penny per text.

I earn $100 per sale. Would you pay $1 to earn $100? Of course.

It cost nothing to upload a video on Youtube. However, to edit a video I use Camtasia which costs a few hundred.
However, the Clickfunnels membership sites are not free; I pay $100 a month. Therefore, I have to make at least 1 sale per month to break even.

Helping Your Customers/Clients.

If you are promoting a business opportunity it’s a good idea to have your members be able to make the same offer to their prospects.

That way in you’re not in competition – but cooperation – for each others benefit.

In the case of my membership site Mobile Marketing Code, I allow all of my members to use the membership as a bonus to their prospects – even though I pay a hundred dollars a month and took 80 hours to create the course.

If you can make how-to videos that go along with the product/service you will generate more sales and make happy customers.

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The drawback of course is the amount of time, effort and skill it takes to create effective how-to videos and the monthly fees associated with hosting a membership site.

One easy way you can create a bonus is by using a done for you solution.

The one I use to give away free vacations is called Advertising Boost.

Inside this portal you are able to instantly deliver high value vacation incentives to your clients.

You also have access to incredible marketing training to explode your leads and sales that they’ve learned from over $30 million dollars in combined ad spend.

As a member you also have access to a TON of videos for you to use on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more!

Not only can you easily give away Free Vacations, you can give away Entertainment style coupons like buy 1 get 1 deals to local and chain restaurants.

The cost is $49 a month to offer this incentives to your prospects.

You can use this strategy with any affiliate product or service.

To get started with Advertising Boost click the link below or go to www.Rich-OBrien.com/thebonuscode which you can find in the description if you stumbled upon this video on Youtube.

When you register as a paid member through my link let me know by forwarding your receipt – my contact info is below – and I will send you a bonus offer – over $2000 worth of audio and ebooks from the likes of Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Tim Ferris and Brian Tracy.

Do you see that I’m using the The Bonus Code strategy to incentivize you to visit The Bonus Code and get a monthly subscription to Advertising Boost so you can boost your sales, get free traffic and make happy and repeat customers.

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Get started now.

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