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Advertising Boost Review and Dashboard Explainer 2018

by Digital Advertising Boost
Advertising Boost Review and Dashboard Explainer 2018

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Advertising Boost Review

Advertising Boost is a program that allows businesses to offer their customers a FREE vacation as a bonus for using their services, for example let’s say you own a Real Estate company, you could offer your clients a FREE vacations with every property sold, and the same goes for any other business.

Advertising Boost is owned and operated by one of the biggest online travel booking agencies in the USA BookVIP.com and leverages its strength in the industry to offer these free vacations.

BookVIP. Com has worked with its many Hotels and Resorts to be able to offer rooms for free, holiday makers can get their accommodation costs paid for and only pay a small resort fee of around $20 per night which is a great saving considering that some of the vacations on offer are valued up to $1500.

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Advertising Boost is a great solution for any type of business whether online or offline to be able to take their business to the next level, they offer free videos, images and even training on how to promote your offers and your customers will love you!

Advertising Boost also offer an Affiliate program so that anyone you refer to the Advertising Boost platform you will receive a 40% monthly reoccurring income from. Advertising Boost is a fantastic program and everyone who does anything online needs this in their business

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