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Amazon PPC Questions Answered – Launch Strategies, Keyword Research, Optimization Tips & More

by Digital Advertising Boost
Amazon PPC Questions Answered – Launch Strategies, Keyword Research, Optimization Tips & More

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There are a lot of possible reasons your Amazon advertising campaigns might not be working as well as you’d like. In this Q&A session with Brian R. Johnson and Liran Hirschkorn, we’ll discuss the most common problems when it comes to Amazon PPC as well as the quickest and most effective solutions.

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Brian R Johnson has helped over 20,000 brands sell over $1 Billion on Amazon through ad strategy and conversion rate optimization. He offers guidance to, and partners with, brands & sellers through his Amazon PPC Troubleshooting community, coaching, innovative ppc software, professional training courses and his flagship advertising & marketing agency, CANOPY Management.
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After growing and selling an Internet life insurance agency in 2014, Liran decided to get involved in e-commerce and selling on Amazon. Liran started several ecommerce brands that have sold millions of dollars on Amazon since. Today Liran is widely followed as a thought leader and speaker on marketing and selling on Amazon and is CEO of Incrementum Digital – an Amazon Focused Marketing Agency.
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