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Assessing Your Blind Spots | Big Boost Marketing

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Assessing Your Blind Spots | Big Boost Marketing

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Have you noticed that often times, it’s a lot easier to analyze somebody else’s situation than your own?

Working with a lot of integrative health practitioners, I oftentimes find that they are struggling to properly assess the state of their practice health, especially when it comes to marketing their practice.

And so they are seemingly doing a lot of different things. They are spinning their wheels, and nothing is moving the needle.

So we developed a brand-new practice marketing assessment that helps you pinpoint where you’re lagging, where you may need to devote more attention and what steps you may need to take.

So check it out, and let me know what you think.

I would love to help you move the needle with your practice marking so you get to serve more of the right patients in your community, helping people get to live the life that they deserve.

I hope to see you on the other side, and again, take this very quick assessment, and let me know what you think.

And because of that, we created the Big Boost 360 process – guiding health practitioners through a four-step process of identifying their practice focus, creating the content that positions them as authority, and then nurturing and enrolling their ideal patients with marketing automation.

Me and my team have been creating these types of marketing “funnels” for the Institute for Functional Medicine and many of today’s leaders in the field, but what I am most proud of is our ongoing work with hundreds of integrative health practitioners:
Helping health practitioners become known for their expertise is what we do, helping shape the future of healthcare is who we are.

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