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BangDB Ampere – Introduction

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BangDB Ampere – Introduction


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Ampere is SaaS version of BangDB 2.0. Users can subscribe and take the Ampere license and get started in just few minutes.

Ampere offers complete feature of BangDB 2.0 through the dashboard. The feature includes (but not limited to)

NoSQL (or NewSQL) Database
Stream Processing
Graph Processing
The dashboard uses REST API of BangDB 2.0 for all its purposes. Ampere can be deployed in various different ways, however on public cloud it’s available with https (secure) channel.

Ampere strives to be a single and simple interface for all the above features such that it can cut down the development and time-to-market time significantly even for complex modern apps which involves most of these features simultaneously.

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Solve problems, build apps using BangDB 2.0 in simple manners. You can use dashboard, CLI or client libs to build applications for AI, Graph, IOT, FinTech, Smart Vehicles, Log files, Real-time streaming analysis, Edge computing and many more.

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