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Best way to boost a Facebook post tutorial

by Digital Advertising Boost
Best way to boost a Facebook post tutorial

A quick tutorial on the best way to boost your Facebook Posts.
The main point here is to use a link post. In other words, copy the link from your website page or post and paste it into a Facebook post. Facebook will then pull in your headline, some text, and an image and format it nicely with a larger font sized headline and the image and some text.
Using this type of post also gives you the advantage of having people click over to your website so you get them off of Facebook. You can also track your website visitors and show ads to them later using retargeting.
When you boost the post make sure to go into the ads manager afterwards and adjust the settings if needed. You may want to change the placements to add or negate showing ads on Instagram. You may also want to change the optimization setting from “post engagement” to “daily unique reach” or “impressions” depending on your situation.
I like to use daily unique reach for local audiences so that my ad shows to more people.
I hope this video is helpful.
Please comment below and visit my website at www.databae.com for more about Facebook advertising.

Also read more detail about the best way to boost a Facebook post here:

Thanks for watching!

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