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Best Ways To Boost Revenue with Affiliate Marketing in 2021

by Digital Advertising Boost
Best Ways To Boost Revenue with Affiliate Marketing in 2021

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What is the number one way to make money online? Yes, you guessed it right. Affiliate Marketing. In this episode, we share with you our experiences in affiliate marketing and how you can boost additional income for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing is performance marketing or a cost per action. This is something where you get a referral code and you can send it to your people, your brand, or your followers and it earns you something back.

How do you start with affiliate marketing, what are the challenges that come with it, and how can you stay consistent and start earning money? Check out our experiences and our tips below.

00:20 What is Affiliate Marketing?
00:46 White Labeling
04:00 Momentum and Being an Influencer
04:44 Problems with Affiliate Marketing
05:22 Understanding the Platform You’re On
06:32 Linktree
07:29 Building Your Platform and Your Audience
10:48 Staying Consistent with the Platform
11:30 Leanne’s Shift in Her Platform
16:54 Different Ways That You Can Earn Affiliate Marketing Income

If you have any questions with regard to affiliate marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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