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Boost Original Complete Nutritional Drink Review – Good for Digestion?

by Digital Advertising Boost
Boost Original Complete Nutritional Drink Review – Good for Digestion?

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Boost is a part of Nestlé Health Science and as one of the few meal replacement shakes that actually gets advertised on television, there’s a chance you’ve known about this drink for a while. The company advertises Boost as “convenient and nutritious way(s) to help you enjoy life” and offers about a dozen different varieties of the product that include those designed for glucose control, high protein diets, athletic lifestyles, and more. Today, we’re reviewing Original Boost.

We decided to try out the “Very Vanilla” flavor of the Original Boost Complete Nutritional Drink, which is also available in Rich Chocolate and Creamy Strawberry. The 240-calorie bottle is described as something to be enjoyed as “as a mini-meal or between-meal snack” and it boasts a pretty impressive nutrient profile.

The first three ingredients are a little surprising for a health supplement: water, glucose syrup, and sugar. Then there’s milk protein concentrate and the rest of the ingredients constitute less than two percent of the product’s volume: vegetable oil (from canola, hish oleic sunflower, and corn), soy protein isolate, cellulose gel and gum, soy lecithin (for mixability), natural and artificial flavor, carrageenan, and stevia.

There are also a few ingredients that get a lot of attention in the product’s marketing: inulin (from chicory root), fructooligosaccharides, and acacia gum, all of which provide prebiotic fiber.

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So what did we think of Boost Original nutritional shake? Check out our complete thoughts in the full review at the link above!

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