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Boost Your Hotel & Resort Social Media Marketing with Instagram | Hotel Marketing

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Boost Your Hotel & Resort Social Media Marketing with Instagram | Hotel Marketing

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Boost Your Hotel & Resort Social Media Marketing with Instagram | Hotel Marketing
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Because social media is a relatively new concept in the marketing scene, hotels and resorts in the hospitality industry have taken different routes in incorporating it into their marketing plans. Some have openly embraced the new technology and adapted quickly, while others have not fully explored its potential. Some are still on the fence, and some haven’t been bothered even to consider it.
For the early adopters who are now actively utilizing Instagram and Facebook (and other platforms) in marketing their hotels, most have started employing staff whose functions are solely for social media management.
How do you make Instagram work for your business?
Instagram is a social media platform that centers around perfect images. It is all about sharing beautiful pictures of places, food, people, things—anything attractive, enticing, and engaging. This practice has become widely popular that there’s now even a word for anything pretty enough to share: Instagrammable. Therefore, for guests to start posting more content about your hotel, it is necessary to make your place Instagram-worthy. If it is, you can expect your guests—especially millennials—to spread the word about their perfect holiday to their network of followers. However, it is not only about having a visual feast of a place to impress your guests. Remember that excellent customer service is also essential. It is all about balancing these elements.
One of the most common ways of enticing Instagram users to book your hotel is by emphasizing your key selling points. Highlight what makes your property unique and what will make their stay different and exciting. Let them have a peek of what they can find in and around the hotel, allowing them to envision what great visuals they can curate during their stay.
Because millennials comprise most of today’s consumer demographics, this social media phenomenon is an excellent opportunity to step up your business’s marketing techniques. We have a related video about marketing to millennials in our blog at www.bezla.com/blog, so be sure to check that out as well.
To build a successful Instagram profile for your business, first, make sure that you have a business (not an individual) profile. This is free and does not require any membership or subscription. Having a business page allows you to advertise your website and contact information. You can also integrate it with your Facebook page, if you have one, with convenient social media buttons and links. These platforms can collect data, providing you with a more comprehensive report to adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Instagram, along with Facebook, is constantly being developed and updated. New helpful elements are being introduced to meet consumers’ growing marketing needs, such as the reels feature, which reminds you of Tiktok, and the stories option, inspired by a Snapchat feature. These features conveniently let you share your marketing content in different formats to reach various target groups.
These improvements are carefully programmed to perform specific actions and achieve certain marketing goals. The best thing you can do is to use these features to maximize its marketing potential. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Fully utilizing the platform can be as simple as providing a complete bio or ensuring that all the necessary fields have been filled out, like contact details or business hours.
One fantastic feature of Instagram is the ability to tag people and places with hashtags. Hashtags are usually misused, but if you know how to use them properly and make the most out of them, it can make a big difference in your marketing plan. Your social media pages should consistently use the correct hashtags for your brand and create special ones for specific events or products. This technique can bring your content closer to potential customers searching for similar accommodation or services in the area. You can also use tags to link your business with partner establishments to increase your possible audience.
Another way of increasing social media engagement is through influencers. Social media influencers are individuals who have a solid social media presence and have a large number of followers. While many celebrities are instant social influencers, regular individuals or content creators who have organically built a fan base over time are great influencers, too…

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