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Boost Your No-code Marketing Automation With Personalized Videos And Metadata [Zapier App Update]

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Boost Your No-code Marketing Automation With Personalized Videos And Metadata [Zapier App Update]

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In this video, I’ll tell you everything about our latest Zapier app update to help you make personalized videos from any data source and manage custom data fields within your no-code marketing automation workflows.

If you like to optimize digital marketing processes, automate repetitive tasks, or if you are into marketing automation, chances are that you have stumbled upon Zapier. Now, with our Zapier app update, you can make personalized videos work in a seamless way with your marketing automation efforts with a data-driven approach.

Thanks to Pirsonal and Zapier, there are literally countless ways to create personalized videos and to add these one-to-one videos to any marketing and sales automation process.

We made it easier to attach more customer data from your data source (trigger). This way, Pirsonal can help you enrich your marketing campaign and customer data automatically between apps (trigger and action).

Zapier is also Pirsonal’s integrations partner. We’ve built a quite straightforward Zapier app that allows you to make personalized videos, dynamic landing pages, and personalized calls-to-action (CTA) at scale.

Also, through our app, you can easily update any third-party software with the personalized video link that our video software generates. Along with this link, our application provides all the information associated with each video or unique viewer.

Until now, Pirsonal users only had the “keyword” and “email” fields to attach customer data to the personalized videos‘ metadata fields. This was a huge limitation for people like myself that love moving data from one application to another marketing application.

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With this app update, Zapier users that use our personalized video app have a new field called Custom Metadata that allows them to add structured metadata to the personalized videos.

This metadata is not available to the video viewer. It’s only available behind the scene so that our clients can create more complex data enrichments from our application to other applications. It makes it easier to manage automated workflows.

Marketing automation allows marketers to nurture individuals with messages at scale, at the right time. Personalization makes sure that these messages are tailored to them. Video marketing‘s goal is then to keep these audiences engage with video content they love.

This form of marketing brings us to personalized video marketing. Pirsonal makes this available to any marketing budget.

When you combine all this, video marketers can create an entire video that fits one person’s needs and wants. Thanks to powerful automation tools like Pirsonal and Zapier you can do this for thousands of individuals in a single day.

This information is saved in our database so that you can use it for other marketing automation processes with marketing automation, customer experience (CX) or customer relationship management (CRM) apps like ActiveCampaign, Keap, Mailchimp, or Hubspot.

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