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Bottom-Up Marketing Strategy for B2B SaaS – Growth Marketing Chat: Episode 39

by Digital Advertising Boost
Bottom-Up Marketing Strategy for B2B SaaS – Growth Marketing Chat: Episode 39

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1:23 Approaching the audiences
2:47 Building the brand
4:01 Celebrating users
5:04 Targeting the corporation
7:19 Investing in relationships

Transcript Excerpt:

– Great. So, today, we’re gonna talk about a marketing approach that is not all that common but very successful companies have used it, which is having a bottoms-up approach in SaaS. And by this, we mean, instead of trying to go and convince the decision-maker on the enterprise level, who’s not necessarily the user, targeting the user that is actually gonna use the product every day. So, this is what you’re doing for, for Penny AI, and I’d really like to have kind of your thoughts on how to utilize such a strategy successfully.

– That’s a great question, and as I joined Penny AI, I was really, really excited about the opportunity to actually market to two different audiences. One is, as you said, it’s Penny users, and just a little bit about Penny… Penny’s a data-driven sales enablement platform built specifically for direct sales or for micro-entrepreneurs. So, when I’m talking about users, think women that sell Tupperware. Think, you know, of consultants of anyone, an army of one that’s running their business and that needs help supporting those businesses. So, this is the audience on one side.

On another side, when we talk about the direct sales industry, there are huge corporations that have millions of those users and millions, millions of consultants in the field. Yet, they are the ones that’s writing the brand, the messaging, the enablement. So, those are two very, very different audiences with very different interests. And obviously, while a day to day up-sale is, the users. The large contracts for the platform is within the corporate.

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So, the way we approach it, and really, this strategy had been used by Slack, by LinkedIn, you know, we’re all using the tools and then, we’re all recommending it to each other. And then, somehow, the corporate kinda hears about this and brings it in as a centralized solution. So, in a similar way, we’ve approached our strategy and looked at, well, how can we build the brand? How can we build the value with the users so much that they get attached to the tool, that they want to become champions and bring it up to their corporate, to their leaders, to make sure that everyone within their group has this tool, and then, becomes valuable enough to have the conversation at the corporate level.

So, I would say the step one is really build the brand within the users and build the loyal people that love the tool. The way we’ve done it is not just, you know, user-experience on its own. There is more to the brand that delivers value and we’re very much focused on delivering value to people that are crazy busy running their families, running their businesses, trying to do 10,000 things at one. Within our industry, there is very little education or enablement that’s set up when people join those companies. So, that’s where we found an opportunity. And one of the things we’ve recently launched is Penniverse, which is this educational hub that delivers the bits and pieces of what’s needed to become a great seller within the direct sales industry, and also, how to use our tool to the best of the abilities to save even more time and result, and even in more sales. So, that’s where we started.

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Another example is really celebrating users. You know, if we want people to love us back, well, we should be the first ones to start that. So, some of the programs we’ve ran is celebrating real life of people. There is a lot of, kinda, glomerate brand building within the industry and you see, you know, perfect people with perfect lives. Well, we started telling the stories of what day-to-day looks like to get to the high level, to get to the earnings that people see within that industry. And on the other hand, we started celebrating power users within Penny. So, if we see that someone kills their dailies, does the tons of tasks, well, right inside the app, we pop up, we thank them for being the champion, and then, give them, you know, a card or something. It’s like, “Hey, high five, give yourself a pat on the back. You have been using the tool.” And that has been really successful. And yes, generated these positive feelings where we invest into someone’s day or into someone’s happiness within the day.

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