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CafeMedia + Spaceback Social Display Advertising

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CafeMedia + Spaceback Social Display Advertising

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Quickly and easily boost a Social Media post from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Linkedin programmatically on the open web. In less than a minute marketers and brands can go from Social Media post to Social Display banner ad.

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Spaceback is the world’s leading Social Display Creative Technology Ad platform, trusted by top brands like Nike, UGG, Intel, Audi, BMW, Allbirds, Vineyard Vines, Instacart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Red Bull and many more. Spaceback empowers brands, agencies, marketers, and publishers of all sizes to leverage not just social assets, but social experiences across the open web for a better end-user experience and better brand results. Spaceback is the easiest way to translate social media posts into ad tags that can be distributed using any DSP programmatically.

Boost your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin social media posts across the web via programmatic display technology.

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