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Canon R5 Tutorial & Best Camera Settings

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Canon R5 Tutorial & Best Camera Settings

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Tony Northrup’s free video manual for the Canon EOS R5, including the best camera settings for both stills and video. Support us by buying from Here’s the Table of Contents:

0:00 Introduction
0:27 R5 User Manual

1:12 Firmware Updates
1:59 USB Charging
3:00 R5 Battery Life

3:55 Improving Battery Performance
5:55 Tips for DSLR/Canon 5D Users
7:06 Put a sticker on it

7:52 Light Bulb Button
8:08 Ports (USB-C, Micro-HDMI, etc)
9:55 Memory Card Configuration
11:56 CF Express Type B card

12:40 SD card

13:48 Formatting Memory Cards
14:28 Cleaning the Sensor
15:16 Adapting Canon EF DSLR Lenses

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16:29 Q Button
17:18 Switching Between Stills & Video
17:39 Switching Modes (M/Av/Tv/P)
17:52 Fv Mode
19:20 Restricting Shooting Modes
20:12 Diopter (fix blurry viewfinder)
20:48 Locking and Unlocking Controls
21:07 Electronic vs Mechanical vs E-First Curtain Shutter
22:02 Rolling Shutter
22:31 Banding under Artificial Lights
23:52 Anti-Flicker
25:01 Continuous Shutter & Frames per Second (FPS)
26:08 Disabling the Beeping
26:24 Back-button Focus

26:47 Recommended autofocus settings
28:55 C1-C3 Custom Settings
30:48 Saving & Loading Settings
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33:12 Info Button
34:22 Raw vs C-Raw vs JPEG

35:26 HEIF vs JPEG
36:30 Dual-pixel Raw
36:54 Crop and Aspect Ratio
37:49 Interval Timer (intervalometer)
39:20 Focus Magnifier & Precise Manual Focusing
39:54 Reviewing Photos
40:10 Rating Photos 1-5 Stars
40:31 Recording voice memos
40:48 Quickly deleting photos
41:16 Automatically reviewing photos (and disabling)
41:48 Disabling shooting without memory card
42:17 Using the R5 with Studio Flashes/Strobes
43:13 Exposure Simulation
43:27 Bulb Mode & Remote Trigger

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45:43 Memory card readers for smartphones
Android: or
46:14 Copyright Info
46:40 My Menu
47:43 Video
47:55 8k vs 4k
53:19 4k vs 4K HQ
54:07 High Frame Rate (120 FPS)
54:33 8k Raw Proxy
55:30 Canon Log (C-Log)
56:22 Sound Recording
57:18 Digital Image Stabilization (IS)
58:40 Zebras
59:45 Time Lapse Movies
1:00:36 HDR Movie Recording
1:01:01 Flash Suggestions
Godox V860 IIC:
Godox Flashpoint XPlor 600:
1:03:16 Tripod Suggestions
Manfrotto Befree:
Quick Release Plate: P

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