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Clixplit Review Demo – Plugin Boost Clicks Up to 300%

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Clixplit Review Demo – Plugin Boost Clicks Up to 300%

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Clixplit Review Demo – Plugin Boost Clicks Up to 300%: P

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Have a WP site? Then this affects you.

What is Clixplit?

Clixplit is a first-of-its-kind WordPress Plugin that is designed to maximize visitor clicks by up to 300% while on site.

The way Clixplit does this is with a simple tweak to your hyperlinks.

The core of Clixplit is an elegantly covert function.

This means that, while you get real, targeted eyeballs on your most valued URLs, affiliate links, articles and sites, most visitors will have no idea what’s happening, or that anything is happening at all.

This is extremely important when it comes to user experience and engagement.

Clixplit covertly tweaks your desired hyperlinks to increase visitor clicks by up to 300% while keeping it classy.

Perfect For:

Blogs, Auto-Blogs, Solo Ads, Content Marketing, CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Arbitrage, On-Site SEO, Advertising Vendors, eCom and more…

And that’s WITHOUT the use of:

Obnoxious Popups
Obsolete Popunders
Invasive Slide-In Ads
Confusing Interstitials
Distracting Overlays
Ineffective Footer Ads
Or any other Engagement-Killing “strategy.”

You’ve got stuff that needs eyeballs. And you’re working hard to get visitors you need to see the pages that matter most to your business… pages like:

Squeeze pages,
sales pages
Blog posts,
affiliate links,
cpa offers,
opt-in forms
Order pages

Or maybe you’re a solo ad vendor who depends on funnel clicks, click banking or traffic arbitrage to keep your business flowing smoothly.

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Clixplit is especially for you if you’re involved in any of the following businesses:

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Solo Ads,
Content Marketing,
Affiliate Marketing,
Traffic Arbitrage,
On-Site SEO,
Selling Advertising,

And Yes, It Works On Mobile!

Clixplit Features:

When you invest in your copy of Clixplit today, you’re getting full access to the Clixplit Core WordPress Plugin which includes all of the following powerful features:

– The Clixplit Core URL Enhancer
– Clixplit Core Exit Detection & Redirect Technology
– Complementary Exit-Pop Alert Redirect
– The Clixplit Core Mobile URL Enhancer
– Clean intuitive user interface for ease of use
– No-brainer “one-click” URL enhancement options
– Easy Page/Post-Level Exit Redirect Options
– Quick & Easy New User Tutorials & Tips
– Full tech support and new feature suggestion
– Seamlessly open 2 separate links simultaneously
– Choose any two links to open on a single click
– Designate which page I want a visitor to see first
– Multiply my visitor clicks by up to 300%
– Split test several offers on the same visitor
– Send 1 visitor to up to 4 different advertisers
– Gain the upper hand on my Click competitors
– Serve multiple clientele all at once
– Maximize attention on my funnel pages
– Add a new powerful factor to all my traffic campaigns
– Increase my website CPM and/or CPC
– Experiment with new Marketing Strategies
– Come up with my own covert use for Clixplit
– Suggest new features, report bugs and get support

Clixplit Discount:

Every license is available for $10 off for the first 24 hours of its release.

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