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College Dropout to Multifamily Real Estate Investing Master

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College Dropout to Multifamily Real Estate Investing Master

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In multifamily real estate investing, your relationships and connections are everything. So how do you get to know the right people? How do you build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship? The answer is simple—you show up, get your name and face out there, and listen. Building a network can seem intimidating, especially starting from scratch, but today’s guest, Jeffrey Donis, breaks it down step-by-step.

Jeffrey Donis of the Donis Brothers is in charge of nurturing investor relations, so networking is his bread and butter. At twenty-three, he has helped his brothers raise enough money to co-sponsor 600 units worth of deals in the last two years. This would have been nearly impossible to achieve in such a short time without the network they built and the relationships they nurtured. Their network didn’t come automatically, and similar to everyone else, they started from scratch and were able to find a way to get themselves out there.

The first step is to build your credibility. While there are many ways to do so, Jeffrey explains how to use social media to document your journey and build trust. He also goes into how to navigate networking events and bring value no matter your experience level. The Donis Brothers have become widely successful in a record amount of time, and the way they built their network and brand is a large part of that.

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Episode 193

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
03:19 Realizing the Power of Networking
08:28 Building Credibility 101
14:59 How to Network at Events & Follow-Up
20:22 How to Provide & Receive Value
28:16 The Best Networking Software
32:53 The Benefits of Mastermind Classes & Networking Groups
40:08 Lessons from Mentors & Syndication Regulations
46:50 Vetting Potential Investors
50:58 Rookie Exam
55:26 Rookie Rockstar

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