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Conversations with Jaguars – January 12 ($CRM, $UPS, $PWFL)

by Digital Advertising Boost
Conversations with Jaguars – January 12 ($CRM, $UPS, $PWFL)

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I usually reserve discussions like this for Jag Pro clients in webinar but today I have an appointment with my optometrist so we won’t have a webinar. Time to get long $CRM. The discussion walks through very strong digital trends that both the company and channel checks are telling us. Bullish view on $UPS based on continued strong ecommerce growth while the stock has been consolidating for the past 6 months. Lastly, a very interesting bull case for under-the-radar stock $PWFL, a small $217M market cap trades at 2.5x Sales that grew by +80% YoY and has more new business coming its way that’s not built into consensus view.

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