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Design Patterns in Plain English | Mosh Hamedani

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Design Patterns in Plain English | Mosh Hamedani


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Design Patterns tutorial explained in simple words using real-world examples.
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Java Tutorial for Beginners: 4

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:40 What are Design Patterns?
0:04:15 How to Take This Course
0:05:50 The Essentials
0:06:53 Getting Started with Java
0:09:23 Classes
0:13:34 Coupling
0:15:34 Interfaces
0:21:17 Encapsulation
0:26:25 Abstraction
0:30:33 Inheritance
0:32:55 Polymorphism
0:36:42 UML
0:40:52 Memento Pattern
0:42:43 Solution
0:48:31 Implementation
0:54:22 State Pattern
0:59:46 Solution
1:02:59 Implementation
1:09:31 Abusing the Design Patterns
1:11:18 Abusing the State Pattern


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