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Digital Business Cards for SendOutCards

by Digital Advertising Boost
Digital Business Cards for SendOutCards

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SOC users love these digital business cards!


Share info, videos, your website to promote Advertising Boost. Promote Advertising Boost to different MLMs like Mary Kay, Herbalife, IT Works, Avon, Asirvia, Royaltie, etc. using Shuffle. Text or email your unlimited Shuffle digital business card. You can even add a lead capture component.

Never run out of Shuffle digital business cards! Shuffle will send you notifications when someone opens your card. Shuffle is a FULL CRM where you can even schedule follow up reminders for yourself.

Get up to 10 cards to use unlimited times for $19.99/mth. Upgrade to 100 cards for a one-time $50 and still use the system for only $19.99/mth. www.unlimitedbizcards.com

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