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Engaging Screen

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Optymyse Advanced Wallboard and Dashboard Technology is a completely new way to empower, engage, motivate and retain your contact centre, call center and helpdesk agents. Optymyse is a unique neuroscience-based approach which takes care of your most valuable asset – your people and is focussed on improving mental health, wellness, wellbeing, motivation, happiness and reducing stress in the workplace.

Compatible with Avaya, Unify, Cisco, 8×8, Content Guru, Anywhere365, Mitel, SAAB Command and Control, CXOne, Puzzel and capable of displaying metrics from CSAT, NPS, CX, Customer Sentiment and more. Whether you have an on-premise, hybrid or CCaaS call or contact centre, Optymyse is the perfect choice for organisations who want to create happy, healthy work environments.

Optymyse is hardware independent, has an unrivalled feature set which can be installed in under 5 minutes.

Using a scientifically supported formula, Optymyse delivers stunning visuals which unlock the full potential of your call center, contact centre or helpdesk whilst protecting the mental wellbeing of all of your employees.

Metrics alone simply can’t deliver the organisational improvements you need to compete and they certainly have minimal impact on improving customer experience. The true power of Optymyse is that it encourages a complete rethink of how you use information to drive positive customer experiences time and time again.

SJS Solutions are passionate about optimising contact centres, call centers and helpdesks of any size. Optymyse was designed specifically to break the cycle of expensive workforce issues and promote employee wellness and employee engagement. This not only saves you time and money, it allows agents to deliver outstanding customer experiences. If you’re looking for a scientifically supported way to create a SCARF-compliant contact centre, helpdesk or call center environment which puts your employees needs first, then look no further!

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Gallup’s 10th employee engagement meta-analysis — the largest study of its kind — examines decades of employee engagement & performance data from more than 100,000 teams. The study found that companies with high levels of engagement all enjoy the following improvements:

10% in customer loyalty/engagement, 23% in profitability, 18% in productivity (sales), 14% in productivity, 18% in turnover for high-turnover organizations • 43% in turnover for low-turnover organizations, 64% in safety incidents (accidents), 81% in absenteeism, 28% in shrinkage (theft), 58% in patient safety incidents (mortality and falls), 41% in quality (defects), 66% in wellbeing, 13% in organizational citizenship (participation)

The relationship between engagement and performance at the business/work unit level is substantial and highly generalizable across organizations. Employee engagement is related to each of the 11 performance outcomes. This means that practitioners can apply the Q12 measure in a variety of situations with confidence that the measure captures important performance-related information.

Optymyse is the most advanced employee engagement dashboard available today. Whether you want to embed streaming videos, add RSS feeds or hook into your CRM or HR system – Optymyse can do it all.

Create engaging, dynamic environments that go beyond metrics. Reach employees whether they are on-site or at home. Automate messaging and intelligently trigger alerts.

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