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Facebook Ads Are About To FLIP

by Digital Advertising Boost
Facebook Ads Are About To FLIP

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Over the last 5 years, I have spent over $10 Million running ads on Facebook. I have learned a lot about Facebook Advertising, how to convert traffic into buying customers and how to scale a business using Facebook Ads.

Every day I get asked do facebook Ads still work, how do I start Facebook Ads, how much money do I need to start Facebook Ads and whats the best facebook ad strategy….. & hundreds more.

Facebook Ads is the most frustrating platform to run ads on due to random account disables and facebook ad spending limit issues. But as you learn how to overcome those issues, you can build a wildly profitable business, just like we do for our agency clients, using Facebook Ads.

So use this video as your facebook ad tutorial to guide you as a beginner. If you are experienced with facebook ads, use this video to help you adapt and make changes to ensure you don’t face random account disables or many other issues.

The facebook ad cost and Facebook ad budget is going to be different based on the price point of the product/service you are selling. This could be a dropshipping product, shopify store, lead generation, affiliate marketing, ads for a local business…. anything.

The budget is a specific strategy with hundreds of scenarios and variables around it. We cover that in-depth inside of our Facebook Ad training, which you can find discounted here (save 50%):

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