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Facebook Ads LIVE Part # 3 | SM Belal

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Facebook Ads LIVE Part # 3 | SM Belal

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We have started with the Facebook business manager and here is the last part of the live on Facebook ads. Hey, this is S M BELAL. In this live session, I am going to take you a look at Facebook retargeting ads, different ad scaling techniques and Facebook Ad funnel. Let’s drive-in.

💥 Facebook retargeting is a technique like per click strategy. This strategy makes you able to market your product to those people who are interested in your brand or store. These tactics help you to create interest in consumers, convert visitors into customers, boost up the chance of upselling or cross-selling and reduce cart abandonment.

💥 Marketers are often perplexed by indecision when it comes to differentiating advertisements. There is a FORMULA: the larger your expenditure, the greater your reach and the greater your profit from more outcomes. If you go through this video you will properly utilize the ways, stages, and strategies of Facebook Ad differentiating.

💥 If you want to boost your sales and ROI, a sales funnel is a must-have tool. When a consumer previously purchased from you and had a satisfying outcome, they desired to repurchase from your store. This is a buyer behavior route. But they will not come to you on their own. This path must be created in order to convert Facebook users into clients. I’ve gone through in-depth how you can create a Facebook ad funnel and advertise your product to target consumers at every stage of their journey.

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