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Facebook Ads Tutorial – Facebook Advertising Tutorial for Beginners

by Digital Advertising Boost
Facebook Ads Tutorial – Facebook Advertising Tutorial for Beginners

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Check out our Facebook Ads Tutorial for beginners updated for 2018. The Facebook Advertising Tutorial Video will go through campaign creation, tips, strategies, Facebook ads manager, best practices, audiences, ads, ad types, and more. You will learn Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies in addition to everything you need to get started with your first website conversion campaign. You might be struggling with Facebook Ads already or you don’t know how to set-up Facebook Business Manager to manage everything for your page. Our Facebook Advertising Tutorial will give you everything you need to be successful when creating and optimizing campaigns. We also cover Google Analytics and the Campaign URL Builder to track Facebook Ads campaigns.

We start by going through Facebook Business Manager and how you can connect different Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts, Instagram Accounts, Offline Event Sets, and more to your Business Manager. When everything is connected, it becomes much easier to run ads and manage everything. We have separate Facebook Advertising Ads Manager Accounts for each of our different Facebook pages so everything is clean.

Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies:

Our Facebook Advertising strategy is to first pixel your website, set-up offline events, or track your App data. The more data you can uncover the better your Facebook ad campaigns will perform. Next, we create custom conversions by either using Partner Integrations or setting them up ourselves. After that, we create multiple audiences using all types of Facebook ads targeting, including retargeting, email list targeting, lookalike audiences, behavior targeting, demographic targeting, and interest targeting. Then, we create our ads and start setting up our campaigns to test targeting, ads, and landing pages for conversion rate optimization.

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Video Description:

We will be running ads on behalf of a website we own called Farmhouse Goals. Our Website Conversion campaign will use the Facebook Pixel and Custom Conversions so we can optimize for sales. You want to adjust your Facebook Ads Tutorial 2018 – Facebook Advertising Tutorial for Beginners goal based on your key performance indicators. Facebook ads is one of the best programs if you want to optimize for a specific data point.

We quickly cover Facebook promoted posts where you can boost your Facebook post and put money behind it. It is one of the advertising options you have and you can target your post towards specific audiences, ideally your Facebook Page Likes. We don’t really use Facebook promoted posts because when we boost posts we find it doesn’t spend the budget as optimally as running Facebook ads with an objective.

Now, we are in Facebook ads manager and we want to go through all of the different links and tabs that you can use. We start in Audience Insights, which is where you can learn more about the specific custom audiences you set up or about your Facebook page likes. Audience Insights will help you uncover the top behaviors, interests, and demographics of the Facebook Audiences you have created.

Creative Hub is a place you can go to create mockups for different types of Facebook ads and projects. You can work with your creative team, graphic design team, or with a specific client on setting up ads for a campaign. We then go through Facebook Page Posts and how you can schedule Facebook posts through ads manager, look at the analytics for your published posts, and create Facebook Ads Posts through Facebook Ads Manager. We don’t cover the Facebook App Dashboard specifically but you can manage all of your different Apps there. Lastly under Facebook ads create and manage, we go through Automated Rules. You can set-up Automated Rules to adjust your budgets and bids depending on campaign performance. In addition, you can pause campaigns altogether if they aren’t performing well.

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