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Gohighlevel review | Gohighlevel 2022 | Gohighlevel crm | Gohighlevel | go high level

by Digital Advertising Boost
Gohighlevel review | Gohighlevel 2022 | Gohighlevel crm | Gohighlevel | go high level

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Gohighlevel review | Gohighlevel 2022 | Gohighlevel crm | Gohighlevel | go high level | #ghl

There are a lot of GoHighLevel Reviews out there due to the fact that it has really taken off recently as a sought after solution for internet marketing agencies, SEO companies, and all types of different online businesses – as well as brick-and-mortar companies looking to expand online.

However, most of said reviews are either entirely fake or are not from actual users, and that’s NOT good!

We’ve been using GoHighLevel heavily in our digital marketing company, and with multiple clients, for around four years now – so we feel strongly that we’ve got more than enough experience and usage to give a real & honest review.

Therefore, in our go high level review, we will be taking deep dive into what sets GHL apart from its competitors, why you might want/need it, what it does, is it worth the cost, the negatives, and much more.

What is Go High Level?

The 30,000 foot view is that it’s an all-in-one marketing, sales, and management platform that can consolidate most business tasks under one location.

HighLevel was created by a marketing agency, so they know and understand the traditional issues that businesses face. Once they found the solution, it was launched in order to help other online marketing agencies solve the same issues so they can put focus towards working ON their business rather than IN it.

More specifically…

Here just some of the things GoHighLevel is great for:

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Client Acquisition

Business Automation

Lead Generation

Database Reactivation (DBR)

Client Retention

Scaling / Growth

Customer Service

Reputation Management

Building Marketing Funnels

Tracking (calls, leads, clicks, responses, etc)

Increasing ROI

Streamlining Multiple Tasks

Offering Courses, Memberships, etc

And MUCH more!

Essentially, the high-level marketing platform contains virtually everything that the vast majority of agencies need to manage their clients, leads, websites, funnels, calendars and multiple other things that are needed to acquire, maintain & retain customers.

You can get an awesome “tech stack” for a small fraction of what you would normally pay – without all the learning and setup of multiple systems – and it’s simple enough that even non-tech-savvy people can set it up.

This is the ultimate solution that allows you to drop many of your other platforms, rather than piecing them together!

What Can HighLevel Do?

Well, I’ve broadly covered that above to the point where I think you probably get the gist, but let’s cover some more specific items now…

Go High Level can handle all of this (plus a lot more):

Text (SMS) Marketing

Email Marketing

Voicemail Marketing

Appointment Scheduling



Landing Pages

Web Funnels

Reputation Building

Social Media

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Build out full campaigns (sites, forms, funnels, triggers, conversations, etc)


This is absolutely NOT all it does. Not even close. However, it would be nearly impossible to include everything GHL can do in one blog post. Although, I’m confident you can see how powerful it is at this point!

Who Is GHL for?

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This is great for internet marketers, freelancers, marketing agencies, affiliate businesses, and so on. Really, anyone in the digital marketing space would be a good fit for GHL.

We were able to replace so many different tools/services by switching to GoHighLevel. Just a few of these include; ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, SalesForce, LeadPages, and More! We also don’t have to rely on Zapier nearly as much as before.

Honestly, I’m not sure what else to say other than confirming Go Highlevel is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to automate a huge part of your business as well as your clients businesses. Everything from capturing & nurturing leads to building out full marketing campaigns, managing your agency, making you and your clients a lot more money, and so on… there’s not much this platform isn’t able to do for you!

In addition to everything discussed above here a some more features of GoHighlevel you might want to know:

You can whitelabel it and pass it off as your own.

Automation is heavily focused so your time is freed up to focus on what matters to you.

Scalability is indefinite. With the agency plan, you can have unlimited accounts.

Cloning is a feature. For the digital marketers who are niche specific, this is a lifesaver.

Final Go High Level Review / Conclusion

We’ve been using GHL in our own company for more than two years now and absolutely love it! We’ve been able to streamline many processes, as well as get rid of several other systems to do everything under one roof, rather than piecing together multiple platforms.

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Furthermore, we have increased our own business significantly, and have been able to bring more revenue for our clients than ever before. Our clients are incredibly happy with the results!

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