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Growth Strategy for B2B SaaS | GMA Webinars

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Growth Strategy for B2B SaaS | GMA Webinars


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【Growth Strategy for B2B SaaS – How to Build Your Product into a Growth-Ready One?】
✍🏻What will I learn…
1.What B2B SaaS means
2.Product life-cycle and customer journey in B2B SaaS
3.The go-to-market strategies for B2B SaaS
4.How marketers can better align with product team for growth

👨🏻‍💼Meet Our Speaker – YuHsuan
YuHsuan Chao is a product expert and serial entrepreneur in SaaS. Experienced in the full lifecycle of SaaS from development to go-to-market, she’s currently at Zendesk helping thousands of businesses deliver the best customer experiences.

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