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Here’s Why Sculpt Nation SUCKS

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Here’s Why Sculpt Nation SUCKS

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Email: kajs.hadzic@gmail.com
KH Performance Lab services:

Payments will be required up front via PayPal

1. Custom Training Plan 60$
– 4 to 6 week mesocycle
– adjusted for your goals, needs, skills, available equipment
– weekly check ins, adjustments if needed
– email support (questions answered within 24h)

2. Custom Macros & Diet Guidence 60$
– adjustet for your goals, weight, height, age, gender
– weekly check ins (weight, measurements, food logs etc) & adjustements if needed for 4 weeks (a month)
– tips and tricks to reach your specific goal easier
– email support (questions answered within 24h)

3. Consults 45$
– 40min (not a strict time cap, going 5-10min over is not an issue) consults via video chat
– prepare questions and something to write stuff down

4. Technique reviews 45$
– Olympic weightlifting, big 3/4 or swimming
– Price includes 2 reviews, 2 videos per review (4 videos in total)
– problem diagnostics
– exercises to improve on weak spots and/or solve problems

5. Nutrition reviews 45$
– filling out food shets for 3 days that will be provided
– days don’t have to be consecutive
– evalutation of diet quality (nutrients, food groups, timings, compliance with recommendations)
– tips on what and how to improve


Program in the making. I want to bring a program to the table that will be interesting, challenging yet very manageable while incorporating my ideology and training style.

To start with the first iteration (possibly named Test Protocol 1.0) will be a toned down version and adjustet to the wide public. I will try to implement as many variations I use as possible but keep it within a reasonable margine so that the entry skill level isn’t to high.

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For future programs the complexity will increase and mimic my actual training more and more closely.

My Tiger Fitness articles:
– why staying lean is a good idea
– gaining weight & muscle mass the right way
– Olympic Weightlifting Movements for Muscle Building

My Infinite Elgintensity articles:
– A Beginner’s Guide to Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Diets
– 7 Ways to Make Dieting Easier

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