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How I make my 3D commercials

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How I make my 3D commercials

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A demonstration/process on how I create my own 3D commercials using Blender and Cinema 4D


Intro: 0:00
Inspiration, Moodboard and Storyboard: 0:47
Ultraboost Modelling, Unwrapping and Texturing: 3:26
Ultraboost Animation: 8:31
Quiet Comfort Modelling and Texturing: 10:33
Quiet Comfort Animations: 11:43
Archived Post Processing Videos: 12:31
Outro: 13:47

Blender Guru
Ways to improve your lighting (demonstration):

Flipped Normals
How to Model Anything in 3D – Modeling Fundamentals:

Derek Elliott
Product Animation in Blender – Phone:

Twitter: @VortexErx
Instagram: @erxandale
Avis Discord:

Edited with: Premiere Pro

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