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How Review Can Boost Traffic to Your Business.

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How Review Can Boost Traffic to Your Business.

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Review Traffic. What is Review Traffic? You can post a review of either the product you’re promoting or another product that’s related to the product you are promoting. This content attracts traffic from the Internet because people are looking for reviews before they buy. Advantages. The big advantage to reviewing traffic is that its directs traffic. It’s very rare that you would get people who are not interested in what you’re reviewing. Why? Is because You’re actually reviewing the stuff that they’re thinking of buying. Similarly, if you are promoting a product that is related to the product, that people want a review for, you also get direct traffic. Why? Well, these people are directly interested in a product that is related closely enough to the actual product that you’re promoting. This is just as good as direct traffic. The game is to get them to change their minds about the product that they actually want to be reviewed so they can take a look at the stuff that you are promoting. Pretty clever. One common example of this “somewhat related” review traffic, involves scam or anti fraud reviews. Basically, you would take the product name, and then put the word “scam” or “fraud” and a question mark at the end. When people read the review, it turns out that the review is a fairly neutral evaluation of the product they’re interested in, but near the beginning or near the end, you get them excited about a related product that you claim is not a scam. This is a very powerful variation, that actually pulls a tremendous amount of traffic from search engines. Disadvantages. If you target a saturated niche, review traffic is not going to help you. Other marketers have saturated your space. They’re getting the most of the traffic and there’s very little left over for you. You also have to really know your way around SEO. If you’re not very good with SEO, you may still get traffic, but not enough to make it worth your while. let’s look at video traffic. Video Traffic. What is video traffic? YouTube is one of the biggest traffic sources on the internet, and you can bet that it can deliver a tremendous amount of traffic. This is why a lot of people are creating review videos and then posting them on YouTube. They also create “How To” or instructional videos to generate traffic. When people do a search in your niche and they see your video, they view the video. And then when you refer them to a link in the description, they can click on the link and you get traffic. Advantages. Video traffic is very powerful because it’s easier to rank on YouTube than on Google’s search engine. You stand a high chance of getting more traffic from YouTube than regular Google. Disadvantage. If your niche is in any way saturated or overpopulated, forget YouTube. Also, you may have to buy views for your video to provide social proof. The more views your videos have the more people would want to click through and view them.
This tool involves creating a search engine that enables people to look through content related to those affiliate offers. Great examples of this include airline booking websites as well as hotel booking websites. Advantage, You bring more value to the table. You’re not just sharing an article, with affiliate links. Instead, people can cross reference different products so they can make the right choice or they can find specialized information about a product and then make a choice. Disadvantage. The big disadvantage with search platforms featuring original content is the cost. Either you know how to program specialized search engines and do it yourself, or you’re going to have to spend quite a bit of money getting this done for you. Niche Product Review Platform. A lot of affiliates are putting up searchable platforms, where people can read different reviews of products in a niche. They can then cross reference the different products. This also includes travel destinations or restaurants. Review platforms are very powerful because people are looking for specific types of information services. A good example of this is TripAdvisor. Advantages. The big advantage of product review platforms is that you’re adding value to the life of the user. They’re not just getting random information. They can cross reference this information, they can look at materials posted by other people. Also, this platform tends to create a community around content. When people show up at TripAdvisor, for example, they share their stories. Disadvantage. These custom coded platforms can cost a lot of money to produce. You need special coding to pull this off. You also have to have a robust content management system. You can’t just rely on WordPress to carry you through. The golden rule of online marketing is simple: to make money, you have to drive traffic and convert it. Follow the strategies listed below.
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