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How To Boost Your Exposure To Prospective Patients – Big Boost Marketing

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How To Boost Your Exposure To Prospective Patients – Big Boost Marketing

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Are you wondering how to boost your exposure to prospective patients in your community?

One smart way is to repurpose video content on different platforms.

You see, video content is the most powerful way for you to create connection with your ideal patient audience – not only can you deliver your mindblowing wisdom, but they also get to see and hear you at the same time.

So to amplify your exposure, you should feature your video on different platforms

1. You could create an email autoresponder series like our 10 ways in 10 days, where subscribers get actionable tips below the video thumbnail in each email.

2. You could post the video on your blog, maybe enhancing the blog with a time sheet of what you covered in the video, actionable steps, or linking to a lead magnet optin page.

3. You could post the video in your FB group, on your FB page, and your Youtube channel, and adding a link to a lead magnet optin page or an optin page to sign up for your 10 ways in 10 days email series.

4. You could truncate the video to run on Instagram, again featuring a leadmagnet or appropriate optin at the end, mentioning to use the link in the profile.

If you need help to boost your exposure to prospective patients, click here to download our guide on how to repurpose your video content across different platforms, including how to modify your video scripts so the video makes sense on your blog, your FB pages and on youtube.

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How To Expose More Patients To Your Videos – The 5-Step Strategy To Be Omnipresent Across Platforms
• A step-by-step gameplan for health practitioners to multi-purpose their videos for Facebook, Youtube and their blog
• The video formula to create different video versions with relevant calls-to-action for the ending of your video
• The secret to turning viewers into email list subscribers… and how you can adapt this to your practice
• How our clients create video content for a whole month in one day… and the behind-the-scenes process to create & promote videos in batch mode

About Big Boost Marketing
We help health professionals (for example MDs, NDs, chiropractors, health coaches, nutritionists or allied health professionals) attract, nurture and convert more prospects into patients, so they can focus on their clinical craft and become the the go-to expert in their community.

Have You Ever Wondered…

[+] How can I position my practice as the go-to choice in my community?
[+] How can I attract more of the right patients that are easier to work with?
[+] How can I automate more of the patient nurture and pre-education (so I don’t have to repeat myself all the time)?

We have worked with hundreds of practitioners and organizations in the holistic, integrative, functional medicine ecosystem, guiding them through a proven marketing framework that fills their practice with the right patients/clients.

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