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How to Get Clients for SaaS

by Digital Advertising Boost
How to Get Clients for SaaS


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Do you need to get clients for your SaaS company?

Learn how you can use inbound marketing, content marketing, and account-based marketing for your software as a service (SaaS) company to attract, engage and delight the right kinds of clients. If you need to learn how to get clients for SaaS, this video is a must-watch.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Get software as a service clients
0:26 Attract strangers into visitors on your website: blogging content for buyer persona
0:48 Amplify that content on social media
1:07 Convert leads from premium content forms, landing pages, thank you pages
1:39 Email marketing workflow automation for lead nurturing
1:49 Go-to-market (GTM) playbook including pop-ups, chatbots, and chat flows
2:11 Warm-up for sales team (sales-ready) to nurture into customers (CRM)
2:22 Email marketing, lists, segmentation, and workflows to accelerate sales
2:37 Webinars as part of the events playbook
3:09 Accelerate leads into marketing qualified, sales qualified, and opportunities
3:19 Customers into promoters and brand evangelists with customer marketing
3:30 Customer success, onboarding: first value, intended value, and extended value
3:40 Success metrics utilizing your SaaS platform


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