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How to Get Google Reviews & Boost Local Rankings

by Digital Advertising Boost
How to Get Google Reviews & Boost Local Rankings

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This webinar discusses How to get Google reviews, best practices and how the AddME Reviews platform can be used to increase customer reviews and boost local rankings.

Google Best Practices AddME Webinar | April 23 2020

Questions Answered:

What are Google Reviews?
Why Do Businesses Need Google Reviews?
How Do Reviews Impact the Decisions Customers Make Regarding Doing Business With Us?
The Reason Why Online Reviews Influence Google’s Online Search Results
Factors That Affect Google’s Local Listings
Why You Should Be Asking Every Customer to Review Your Business?
How Do We Get Customers to Leave a Review?
What Is the Best Way to Get Customers to Write a Good Review?
How You Should Be Responding to Reviews?
What Is the Addme Reputation Management Platform?

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