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How to Leveraging Grassroots Marketing and Social Media Ads to Boost Your ACA Marketing

by Digital Advertising Boost
How to Leveraging Grassroots Marketing and Social Media Ads to Boost Your ACA Marketing

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Looking for effective ways to expand your customer base and drive engagement with your ACA marketing efforts? In this video, we’ll explore the power of grassroots marketing and social media ads. You’ll discover how to create a successful grassroots marketing campaign, and learn tips and tricks for crafting compelling social media ads that resonate with your target audience. By utilizing these proven marketing strategies, you can enhance your reach, build stronger relationships with potential customers, and drive growth for your business. Don’t miss out on this valuable advice – watch now and take your ACA marketing to the next level!

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Networking with Financial Professionals: M
Networking with P&C Agents: 0
Networking with Doctors and Medical Groups: g

🤩🤩I have a course that will teach you how to get into the ACA game. 💰💰

This is what you will learn.
1. How to get started
2. How much money can you make
3. How to get contracted
4. How to get certified
5. How to setup the quote and enrollment engine
6. How to manage your book of business
7. How to cross sell Dental and Vision
8. How to cross sell Indemnity plans
9. I’ll show you how to package all this into one product
10. And, you get my ACA Smartbook. A must have in this business. I update it every year and you will get lifetime updates to the book.
11. And more .…

🤩🤩I use Agent CRM as my marketing and retention CRM: use this link to get a 14 day free trial:
When you use my link, you will get the following assets that I currently use:
✅ 1. Opportunities or Pipeline: ACA & Medicare
✅ 2. Workflow automation: ACA and Medicare Workflow for Agents Using Facebook
✅ 3. Email Templates: ACA and Medicare Email Templates
✅ 4. Medicare Workflows: Facebook Ad Warm Up Leads, MAPD AEP Reminder, FE BOB x-sell to Medicare, Turning 65 (New to Medicare), and many more!!
✅ 5. ACA Workflows: Facebook Ad Warm Up Lead, X-selling other lines (D/V & Indemnity), and many more!!

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Ultimate Lead Generation Bootcamp For Insurance Agents

For those that want a course to run Facebooks ads with an emphasis on ACA and Medicare, go here: />
The complete system that leverages the power of Facebook/ Instagram advertising to generate your own leads, instantly connect with an automated workflow, prompt prospects to schedule an appointment, and convert more prospects than ever before.

“My leads cost dropped from $15-$20 a lead to $4 -$7 a lead”

Learn how to generate leads for :
1. ACA
2. Medicare
3. Auto
4. Home
5. Life
6. Final Expense

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