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How to Setup Webapp and overview of settings and connection & upgrade of instance | Azure Cloud

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How to Setup Webapp and overview of settings and connection & upgrade of instance | Azure Cloud

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Hey, Hope you are doing well… Thanks a lot for watching my video and I really appreciate for your time for watching my Azure training video.
I would like to share about me that I have 7+ years for experience while managing the IT infrastructure of an organisation and here on my YouTube channel Abhimanyu Gautam, I have shared my experience and knowledge about the software and devices. Not wasting your time I must tell you that I have created some tutorial on Sophos Firewall Training, Windows server 2019 training, Nagios network monitor training, PRTG Network monitor training, CCNA Training and many more… it would be continue.
Now I have started training on Microsoft Azure, where I will be uploading one video everyday at 9:00 PM IST so request you to subscribe my channel and like the video and if you have any query & suggestion please do comment.
Azure is a leading cloud computing solution in today’s IT marketplace and due to high usages for technology and its enabling users to be very adjustable while using the services for their need.
Major services are Virtual Machine, storage, Virtual network, Load Balancer, Traffic Manager, Application Gateway, local Network Gateway, NIC, Public and Private IP address, VNet Peering, site to site VPN, Site to Client VPN, Express route, Global VNet peering, WebApps, Office 365, Azure active directory, Azure insight, Azure monitor, Azure DNS, Azure resource group, Template and many more.
I am trying my best to share best knowledge, so you are requested to watch complete video to understand the topic.

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Here are mention my Playlist link so you can explore my Playlist to find some relevant videos for you.

Hope for the best.

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