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I Answered Your Best Laptop Questions! (Mid 2022)

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I Answered Your Best Laptop Questions! (Mid 2022)

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Video Sponsor – Gigabyte!
0:51 Are Laptop Prices Coming Down?
2:24 Will You Benchmark Blender in Reviews?
6:41 How Many Years Should You Keep a Laptop?
8:05 Are Good Gaming Laptops Getting Expensive?
9:47 What Temperatures Are Considered Safe?
12:10 Minimum Upgrade Options a Laptop Needs?
13:41 More AMD Advantage Laptops with Zen 4?
16:09 Intel or AMD in Gaming Laptops?
16:54 Best Time of Year to Buy New Gaming Laptop?
18:12 Is Future Proofing Real or Marketing?
18:44 What Inspired Me To Start YouTube
20:27 Biggest Rip Off Laptops
21:41 Where Are Lenovo Legion 2022 Gaming Laptops?
23:10 1440p vs 1600p Difference – RTX 3060 Limit?
24:48 Who Has The Best BIOS?
25:54 Reinstall Windows on New Laptop?
26:49 How To Improve Thermals Without Undervolting?
28:35 Liquid Metal Long Term?
30:23 Cooling Pad Reviews like GT500?
32:23 What Laptop Features are Gimmicks?
33:52 Nvidia RTX 3070 vs 3070 Ti Laptop Comparison
35:02 Is Big Laptop Screen Worth It? 15” vs 17”
36:18 ASUS Zephyrus G14 vs G15
37:32 Advanced Optimus Bugs
41:07 Good Time To Buy With RTX 40 / Zen 4 Coming?
43:19 AMD vs Nvidia for 3D Modeling & Gaming
44:12 Laptop Buying Guides at Different Price Ranges
46:00 My RTX 40 Laptop Expectations – 8GB 4060
47:38 Which Laptop Would I Pick For Daily Driver?
50:40 Water Break!
50:48 Can I Test Laptop Durability Over 1-2 Years?
52:02 Does Room Temperature Matter For Laptops?
53:38 How Long Can A Laptop Last?
54:46 Why I Don’t Test Valorant
55:59 AMD Ryzen 5000 or 6000, or Wait For 7000?
57:40 3070/6700M Or Wait For 4060/7600M?
58:14 How Long For RTX 40 GPUs After Announcement?
59:19 Laptops Running At High Temperatures Normal?
1:01:10 Difference Between Ryzen 7000 and 6000 Laptops
1:02:05 How Often Should You Clean Gaming Laptop?
1:03:17 What Is Overestimated & Underestimated in Laptops?
1:05:24 Is Disabling iGPU In Device Manager Same as MUX Switch?
1:05:54 Intel i7 vs i9 – Is i9 Worth It?
1:06:43 Good Idea To Use External Monitor With Laptop?
1:07:34 Are 2021 Gaming Laptops Worth Buying In 2022?
1:09:24 Can You Run Game With Good FPS But Low Fan Noise?
1:11:32 DDR4 vs DDR5 in 2022 Gaming Laptop?
1:12:23 Anti Virus Software Benchmarks
1:13:51 Best / Most Reliable Laptop Brand
1:14:37 16GB DDR4-3200 or 32GB DDR4-2666 For Gaming
1:15:30 Is OLED The Future In Gaming Laptops?
1:18:29 Is RTX 3050 ENOUGH For Gaming?
1:19:14 Which Laptops Have Best Driver Download Support
1:20:35 GTX 1050 Ti Laptop Good For Gaming in 2022?
1:21:56 What I Think About Nvidia RTX 2050 Laptops
1:22:55 Outro

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