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I Lost $50,000 to Make $1,000,000 Online With SAAS…

by Digital Advertising Boost
I Lost $50,000 to Make $1,000,000 Online With SAAS…


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It was a gamble but I think it was worth it, what do you think? Shine Ranker’s annual plan here:

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[00:00:00] – Intro
[00:01:25] – Build my own tool
[00:04:17] – Start doing courses
[00:05:01] – Authority hacking course
[00:07:20] – Went to fiverr
[00:08:06] – Shine ranker tool
[00:16:17] – Outro

Over the last several months I’ve invested $50,000 into the software that I’ve been building, Shine Ranker.

The bad news is that It’s been VERY complicated to build and has taken a TON of time and effort to pull off.

The good news is that I’m on track to profit over $1,000,000 with the software this year and I put together this video for you explaining how.

I share with you some of the new updates and plans I have for the tool that I think you’re going to really like.

See you soon,

-Chase R

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