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Is It Really a Free Vacation? Advertising Bait/Boost – Now advertising boost

by Digital Advertising Boost
Is It Really a Free Vacation? Advertising Bait/Boost – Now advertising boost

Is it really a free vacation? Advertising Boost – – Are you wondering if the complementary vacation incentive from advertising boost Is Real?
If so, then you will want to watch this video on is it really a free vacation? Advertising Boost.

Company changed it’s name from Advertising Bait to Advertising Boost.

There’s no doubt there are scams out there, that’s why this video on is it really a free vacation? Advertising Boost is important to watch.

Know what your are getting into before you decide to travel.

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions from Advertising Boost:

Do I have to take a timeshare presentation in order to take advantage of your vacation certificates?

Great question. No, you will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation. These are real, top quality Resorts with no hidden fees or strings attached. We own and operate BookVIP.com and we are simply filling otherwise empty rooms which the hotels and resorts turn into additional revenue from these consumers spending money on the property, such as room service, spa, in house restaurants, bar purchases, casino and extra day stay, etc.

In addition, you will offered additional incentives and upgrades that you can choose to accept or decline. These additional incentives will save you from $500 to $1500 that will include a discovery tour of the property to introduce them to the benefits of resort membership or ownership.

You however will NEVER be required to upgrade.

Once you activate by paying the taxes and fees of a vacation certificate they will then have at least 18 months to travel. Example for our US resorts the activation fee is $19.45 per night and our Mexico offers is $19.70 per night.

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Will you use my email or info for any other purpose?
No. We do not do any other marketing to your certificate recipient. We respect our business partners and have no intention of spamming you with email. We will send up to 3 email reminders during the first 7 days prior to the certificate expiration to remind you to activate. If you do activate then they have become a customer of ours as well and we may need to have further communication with this customer concerning the reservation, or reminding them to book dates etc.

How you redeem the certificates?
You may activate a certificate over the phone or online by paying the resorts taxes and fees of $19.45 for our US resort options and $19.70 per night for our Mexico resort options. Once you activate within 7 days of receiving the digital certificate you will have 18 months to choose travel dates. To date we have redeemed tens of thousands of digital certificates and have a fantastic reputation that we are proud of!

Is it really a Free Vacation: We don’t chose to use the word “Free” when promoting our incentives. Instead, we prefer to the use of words and phrases such as “Included with Purchase,” or “Complimentary Vacation Certificate,” or “Selected To Receive.” We encourage and prefer to disclose these terms to you the customer.

Do I get to choose the hotel?

We promote specific properties with each certificate destination. For Example currently we are offering Westgate Resorts in both Orlando and Las Vegas. However If the property we promote is not avail we may give the user other choices they can pick from.

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Keep in mind that these are promotional offers that we provide to you with significant savings on their travel so it’s not going to work the same way as going to www.hotels.com and paying full rack rate where you get to choose the hotel. With us, the properties that we work with and that participate in these promotional offers release the unoccupied inventory to us just 30 days ahead of time.

These do not work for last minute bookings.
You must book with a minimum of 30 days advance notice prior to preferred or selected check in dates. So as long as guest is booking more than 30 days out we can fulfill based on availability of course.

Remember, we are filling otherwise empty rooms for the participating properties and this is the time frame that they use to project what their occupancy will be. Based on what their projection is will determine how many allotments they can provide to us for these promotions. We don’t even have available inventory to us before 30 days. The one exception is when and if available if the guest agrees to an upgrade that requires a resort preview we may be able to get them in with less than 30 days advance notice.

The taxes and fees are based on a few factors, examples include but are not limited to: local tourism and bed taxes, Sales tax based on the full rack rate of the accommodations, maid service fees, zone surcharges, travel agency fees, federal, state, local or municipal taxes, etc.

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You may have to pay a resort fee when they check in at the resort.

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