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Learn How to Boost Leads With Creative Marketing Incentives’ Lead Hook

by Digital Advertising Boost
Learn How to Boost Leads With Creative Marketing Incentives’ Lead Hook

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It is a fact of life-virtually all businesses today have a web-site. As a business person, you know one of the great frustrations of having a business website are potential customers that go to your website, take a look and then leave. That lead is LOST. All of your hard work (and money) that has gone into designing your website, optimizing the searches, linking to other sites to drive traffic to your site is wasted if the customer does not give you their contact information. Creative Marketing Incentives has the solution! We have a fully automated HTML banner that can be created and placed on your website to send a certificate to prospects that register their information on your site. We actually give you two different options.

If you already have a lead capture routine in place, you post a simple one line statement on your homepage that says “Register on our website and receive a Las Vegas Getaway Certificate”. You can use any certificate that you want – but the 1-4 Night Hotel Stay or the Electronics (Touch Mp4 player or Digital Mini Camcorder) Certificates work best for this purpose. When the prospect enters their information and submits it on your landing page a banner pops up prompting them to re-enter their e-mail address. A certificate is automatically sent to the e-mail address provided. You do not need to do anything following the initial set-up of the banner. The e-mail address is added to your list of e-certificates sent for you to view at any time later. Give it a try for yourself. Enter your email address in the email field to the right to see how this works.

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If you do not have an information capture routine, you can use CMIG’s new “TheLeadhook” feature. Simply copy and paste the HTML code to your home page and your customer will be asked to enter their name, phone number, and e-mail address. After entering their email a second time, the program will store the information in your Contact Manager on your account and send out the certificate to your customer. We also email you the prospects contact information in real-time. Test it out for yourself. Click the Las Vegas Banner below to try out “TheLeadHook”.

Either way you choose to set up the banner, this does two things for you. By offering something of value you will get more prospects signing on to your website and quickly increase the size of your data base. Additionally, because you are sending something of value to the e-mail address that they are giving you, you can be assured that you are getting a valid e-mail address at the least. The banner increases both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of the information captured.

Once you have the contact info you can incorporate it into any marketing program that you want to use to keep in contact with your prospect and customer base.

This is only one of the many tools that CMIG provides to help boost your business, give me a call for additional details.

Your customers will receive $25 off their bill at any of our participating restaurants. We currently feature thousands of participating restaurants, nationwide. Go to www.FunDiningRewards.com to view participating restaurants in your area.

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Incentive Marketing Tips – Learn how to create incentives that are impossible to refuse:

Advertising Incentives
Boost response rates from your existing ads by adding one extra tagline: “Call for a Free Quote and receive a Three Day Two Night Hotel Stay Certificate to Las Vegas or 50 + other popular destinations, No Purchase Necessary.” Imagine how many more leads you could generate.

Sales Incentives
Now that you have generated the lead, try enticing a prospect with an upgrade and offer them Two Nights Plus Airfare if they purchase today. There are so many ways to clinch a deal by offering our incentives as a reward in your closing question.

Residual Business Incentives
Contact all your past clients and offer them a 2 Night Bahama Cruise as a customer loyalty gesture to motivate repeat business!


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