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Boost your local business and attract repeat customers with Boomerangme, the digital loyalty card constructor for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. With our free and forever plan, you can easily create powerful loyalty programs that drive customer engagement and increase revenue. Our digital reward cards offer a seamless experience on Apple Wallet and Google Pay, giving your customers a convenient way to engage with your business. From earning points and rewards to cashback and prepaid certificates, our loyalty card mechanics have everything you need to keep your customers coming back. With our free scanner app, personalized notifications, and geolocation feature, engaging with your customers has never been easier. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your local business to the next level. Try Boomerangme today!

Legal review

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Why Consider This Product?

Are you looking for a way to grow your local business and attract repeat customers? Look no further than “Boomerangme”! Our digital loyalty card constructor for Apple Wallet and Google Pay is the perfect solution. With our free and forever plan, you can easily create and manage digital reward cards that will increase return rates by 2X and boost revenue by 30%. Don’t just take our word for it, the results are backed by scientific research and evidence.

Features and Benefits

Attract and Retain Customers

With Boomerangme, you can implement a variety of loyalty card mechanics that will keep your customers coming back for more. From the classic “buy 10 items, get the 11th as a gift” to redeeming points for purchases and offering cashback, our features are designed to incentivize customer loyalty. You can even sell prepaid certificates, attracting new customers and encouraging them to give your business a try.

Seamless Integration

Our loyalty cards work seamlessly on Apple Wallet and Google Pay, giving your customers a convenient and quick way to engage with your business. No need to carry around physical cards or remember membership numbers. It’s all accessible from their mobile devices, making it easier than ever for them to earn rewards and redeem them at your business.

Easy Management

We provide a free scanner app that allows you to easily reward customers with bonuses and manage their loyalty points. You can even register your managers for separate accounting of accruals, ensuring a streamlined process. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to efficient management of your loyalty program.

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Personalized Engagement

With our automatic PUSH notifications, you can send personalized messages to your customers. Keep them informed about bonus balance changes, request service quality feedback, remind them to make repeat purchases, and more. Plus, our geolocation feature takes it a step further by sending notifications to customers within 330 feet of your business locations. This ensures that they never miss out on your promotions and encourages them to visit your business.

Legal review

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Product Quality

Boomerangme is a trusted and reliable loyalty program that has been used by over 30,000 businesses worldwide. Our reputation speaks for itself, with countless satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of our product. We prioritize protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal data. You can trust us to handle your information responsibly and securely.

What It’s Used For

Boost Customer Loyalty

Boomerangme is specifically designed to help businesses boost customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits. By offering attractive rewards, personalized engagement, and convenient digital solutions, you can create a loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Drive Revenue Growth

Our loyalty program isn’t just about retaining existing customers. It’s also about attracting new ones. With our digital coupons and classic discount system, you can entice new customers to give your business a try. By offering different earning levels, you can cater to different customer preferences, helping to drive revenue growth.

Streamlined Process

Gone are the days of manual tracking and complex loyalty systems. Boomerangme simplifies the process, allowing you to set up your first loyalty card in just 15 minutes. Our scanner app, separate accounting for managers, and automatic PUSH notifications make it easy to manage and reward your loyal customers.

Increased Return Rates and Revenue

As mentioned earlier, using Boomerangme can lead to a 2X increase in return rates and a 30% increase in revenue. These statistics are not just empty promises, but proven results that have been demonstrated through scientific research and evidence.

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Legal review

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Product Specifications

Specifications Details
Compatibility Apple Wallet and Google Pay
Pricing Plans Business plan starting at $99/month
Agency and Enterprise plans available with additional features
Features – Loyalty card mechanics
– Digital coupons and discount system
– Geolocation feature for targeted notifications
– Automatic PUSH notifications
– Free scanner app
– Separate accounting for managers
Benefits – Increase return rates by 2X
– Boost revenue by 30%
– Simplified loyalty program management
– Convenient and quick engagement for customers
– Personalized messages and notifications
– Attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases

Who Needs This

Any local business looking to grow their customer base and boost revenue can benefit from Boomerangme. Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, spa, or any other local establishment, our loyalty program is tailored to meet your needs. Regardless of the size of your business, our pricing plans offer options that can accommodate your requirements.

Legal review

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy setup and management
  • Seamless integration with Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • Increased return rates and revenue
  • Personalized engagement through automatic PUSH notifications
  • Attract new customers with digital coupons and discounts
  • Protects privacy and ensures data security


  • Requires an initial investment for paid plans


Q: Can I customize the design of my loyalty cards? A: Absolutely! With Boomerangme, you can choose from a variety of card templates and customize the design and content to align with your brand.

Q: How do I reward my customers with bonuses and manage their loyalty points? A: Our free scanner app makes it a breeze to reward your customers and keep track of their loyalty points. Simply scan their digital loyalty card with the app and allocate bonuses accordingly.

Q: Can I send personalized messages to my customers? A: Yes, you can! Our automatic PUSH notifications feature allows you to send personalized messages to your customers regarding their bonus balance, service quality feedback, repeat purchases, and more.

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Legal review

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What Customers Are Saying

“Boomerangme has been a game-changer for our business. Our return rates have doubled, and we’re seeing a significant increase in revenue. The convenience and simplicity of the loyalty program have been well-received by our customers. Highly recommended!” – Sarah, Restaurant Owner

“I love how easy it is to manage our loyalty program with Boomerangme. The scanner app and separate accounting for managers have streamlined the process, saving us time and effort. It’s definitely worth the investment!” – John, Retail Store Owner

Overall Value

Boomerangme offers exceptional value for local businesses. With proven results in increasing return rates and revenue, as well as the convenience and effectiveness of our loyalty program features, our product provides a tangible boost to your business. From the ease of setup and management to the personalized engagement with customers, Boomerangme delivers an experience that is both effortless and rewarding.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Promote your loyalty program through social media and offline locations to reach a wider audience.
  2. Offer unique and attractive rewards to incentivize customer loyalty.
  3. Regularly communicate with your customers through personalized messages to keep them engaged and informed.
  4. Use the geolocation feature to send targeted notifications to customers in the proximity of your business.
  5. Continuously analyze and optimize your loyalty program based on customer feedback and data.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

Boomerangme is the ultimate digital loyalty card constructor for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. With our free and forever plan, you can easily grow your local business and attract repeat customers. Our seamless integration, variety of loyalty card mechanics, personalized engagement, and convenient management features make Boomerangme the go-to choice for businesses worldwide.

Final Recommendation

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your business. Try Boomerangme today and experience the simplest rewards program for local businesses. Start with our free plan and upgrade anytime to harness the full power of our loyalty program. Sign up via Google and take your local business to the next level!

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