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LEGO BOOST Review: The Best Robot Kit for Kids | AD

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LEGO BOOST Review: The Best Robot Kit for Kids | AD

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Let me start this review with Alex’s words: This set is just amazing! And it really is! @LEGOBOOST combines building with programming and offers hours and hours of playing and learning. When I say “hours and hours” I mean it took Alex a few weeks to independently build all five models in the set and go through all the programming challenges. If you think that programming is an essential skill for children to learn, you will love howLEGOBOOST teaches it. A free app offers a simple drag & drop coding interface and introduces new functions like loops, random number generator and variables gradually so that it does not overwhelm the child. At the same time from Alex’s point of view, it wasn’t all about coding but rather about bringing his #LEGOcreations to life. Watch the video till the end to see all five models Alex has built with this set: funky robot Vernie, versatile Guitar4000, AutoBuilder that builds miniLEGOrobots, Multi-Tooled Rover 4 and his favourite – cute cat Frankie
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