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Marketing Boost Travel Incentive Program Inside Look | Make More Sales By Giving Away Vacations

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Marketing Boost Travel Incentive Program Inside Look | Make More Sales By Giving Away Vacations

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Looking for a way to increase sales? Check out this marketing boost travel incentive program! Giving vacations away is a great way to get new customers and increase loyalty among your current customer base.

Discover the 3-step secret weapon of the world’s smartest marketers!

Step 1: Stop undercutting yourself.
All of those “don’t tell anyone” discounts you’ve been giving just to push prospects over the edge?

Your customers are telling their friends about them. Same with all the incentives you pay for out of pocket, like expensive dinners and service enhancements.

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Step 2: Offer a high-value incentive you don’t personally have to fulfill.
Potential buyers are heavily influenced by bonuses, especially high-value incentives that aren’t available just anywhere. After all, people love to be treated like royalty.

No matter what kinds of products or services you sell, NOTHING seduces a fence-sitter like throwing in a free vacation when they say YES to your offer, upsell, or referral request.

Your products and services become irresistible when your prospects start picturing themselves relaxing on a sun-soaked beach… gazing at the endless neon of the Vegas Strip… or sampling local cuisine at a picturesque Mexican plaza – all on someone else’s dime.

And being able to provide your new buyers with fantastic vacations feels great too… especially since it’s not YOUR dime. (MarketingBoost takes care of that part.)

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Step 3: Let MarketingBoost WOW your new clients and customers!
Once you welcome your new client or customer on board, you’ll set them up to receive a certificate to redeem their vacation package. They’ll then have 7 days to activate their certificates.

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Once activated, the certificates are valid for 18 months, and certificate holders can book and travel any time within that timeframe.

So your buyers get complete freedom to enjoy their memorable, luxury trips!

Stick to your pricing and stop paying for extras. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to stop giving away all of your profits.

Every time you accept less money than you ask for, or pay for freebies out of your own pocket, it robs you of income you deserve to grow your business and secure your financial freedom.

That’s exactly why countless business owners feel stuck – unable to break through their personal “income ceilings.”

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