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Paying Fiverr To Create Dropshipping Ad Videos | Shopify

by Digital Advertising Boost
Paying Fiverr To Create Dropshipping Ad Videos | Shopify

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🎁 I’m going to be giving away $50 Fiverr credit in Episodes 1&2, to lucky winners!

🔥In today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at the services I purchased in the previous episode (Store & Logo) and also buying 2 video ad gigs and a done product description.

🚀This is the start of a small mini-series (3 episodes long) revolving all around dropshipping and Fiverr.

🤯In this mini-series I’m going to try and outsource pretty much every single task, when it comes to running a dropshipping store, by hiring freelancers on the marketplace Fiverr.

👀Probably not advisable to outsource everything, but I was curious nonetheless and wanted to show the insane variety of services you can use for your personal life and dropshipping endeavors.

1⃣ So this 1st episode will include me paying a freelancer to do product research for me, from there we’ll choose a product and pay another freelancer to create a one product store around this found product and finish the episode strong with buying an awesome logo.

2⃣ Episode 2 will consist of me buying and browsing additional services such as: Product Descriptions & Viral Video ads.

3⃣ Episode 3 will be the big finale! We’ll be launching ads in some shape or form for this store and hopefully getting our first sales!

🎉All you have to do is like, subscribe to my channel and comment what service you would use these $50 for. SO GOOD LUCK!

💙Hopefully you guys Enjoy and are excited for the upcoming Videos!

🔧Check out Fiverr for yourself:
➡ Fiverr:
➡ Product Descriptions from Fiverr:
➡ Product Description I bought:
➡ Store I purchased:
➡ Video Ad #1:
➡ Video Ad #2:
➡ Buy Logos on Fiverr:

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👋🏼 Hi Guys, my name is Vilius Dainora and welcome to my channel. I am here to teach you dropshipping and Social Media Marketing, so you can start earning money online and get one step closer to your dreams. I will teach you how to make money online and how to earn passive income via dropshipping on Shopify, Amazon FBA, with your Social Media Marketing Agency and many more. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, as I will take the time to reply to you each individually. Are you ready to completely change your life and start living your dream?

🙏🏼 Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, please make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications, and comment below what you want to see next. 🙂

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