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PPC Tip 8 | Boost your Adwords CTR by A/B Testing

by Digital Advertising Boost
PPC Tip 8 | Boost your Adwords CTR by A/B Testing

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Boost Your Adwords CTR by A/B Testing Your Copy

Do you know why some ads seem to have high CTR than others? It’s simply because of A/B testing. All seasoned PPC professionals and experts use this in their campaigns to get the best results. In fact, it is undisputedly one of the most important elements of a successful pay per click ad campaign.

In case you don’t know what A/B Testing is, it’s simply testing different headlines and ad copy for the same keyword groups. As a result, every time it shows up on the search engine paid ads listings, the ad copy and/or headline appears different.

The idea is to let the ads run for a certain length of time and then track the click through rate. Naturally, the ad with the highest CTR is considered the winner and the rest are either scrapped or improved upon.

If you’re going to be advertising on Google’s AdWords platform, A/B testing is a very potent tool.
With this tool, you can test the headlines and call to actions, vary the words, swap out one or more words for other words and so on.

A/B testing can be stressful as you have to test many elements. But when you finally get that one ad that works, it’ll make all the difference and the stress worth it. While you can try to do the test yourself, it is still best to have a PPC and copywriting expert like what we have at eTraffic to handle this for you.

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