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Promoting Facebook Live Streams

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Promoting Facebook Live Streams

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VLOG #054 – This video series includes 5 Videos! See links below to start video series from the beginning! This video focuses on promoting live streams specifically through Facebook Live! This video series includes results from $1,000 in social media advertising for live streamed events by PTZOptics. A complete white paper review is available here: .

1. Introduction –
2. Audience Segmentation –
3. YouTube Live –
4. Facebook Live –
5. Twitter/Periscope Producer –

There are three main ways to advertising on Facebook: Boosting a Post, Boosting a Event and Creating a Boosted Offer. If you are selling tickets to your live stream or event you can do so with an Event or an Offer. I would highly suggest using Facebook’s event and offer features because they are free to use. You only have to pay when you boost your events to your target audiences. Boosting a post is ideal for promoting a last minute livestream invitation or a promotional video. We have testing boosting links to our YouTube Videos and our organic facebook videos which astonishingly different results. We spent $5 promoting a YouTube video and received 17 engagements (16 likes and 1 click) where we promoted the same video organically uploaded to Facebook for $5 and we received 106 views. Through the Facebook platform you very easily integrate your advertising through Instagram which we did through our experiment.

Pro Tip: Facebook is obviously favoring videos uploaded organically to their platform. Don’t try to promote YouTube videos on Facebook. Upload your promotional video to Facebook and then boost the post for 10X ROI.

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Facebook has gathered ALOT of information about their users. The most important details are “interests”. We have found some very relevant topics of interest available for audience segmenting our social media marketing. Along with interest, Facebook also offers all the standard age, gender and location.

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